How to use GitHub and Git Bash to show your work

When you start learning programming to land your first job as software developer it is very important to be consistent, and more important your future employer have to see it.

And the best what you can do is to start using GitHub, but it is not so easy for beginners, that is why I decided to provide you with short introduction.

After you registered on GitHub and downloaded Git, those are steps you have to follow:

  1. Go on the top level corner of the GitHub and press “Your repositories”

2. Press a button “New”

3. Give a name to your repository, click on README and press Create repository

4. Press a button “Code” and copy “HTTPS” address

After we are moving to Git Bash:

5. Write “git clone” + “HTTPS” address

6. Give a name: “cd” + name of folder

After you can go to this folder via code editor(I use VS Code) and do your work and when you made some progress you want to save changes to GitHub using these steps through Git Bash:

7. Write “cd” + name of folder

8. Write “git status” to check new files in folder

9. Write “git add” + your untracked files

10. Write “git commit -m” + your short message in quotation marks

11. Write “git push origin”

BOOM! You created your first repository and you made your first contribution on GitHub.

You are going to notice a small green square in a calendar of your contributions on your profile page, but not just you, also your future employer is going to check it! So be consistent, practice coding every day and don’t forget to show it on your GitHub account!

This is the easiest way you can show your future employer how consistently you are practising your coding skills!

Enjoy your coding!

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