Before I started my coding boot camp, I was very excited and scary at the same time…Too much information for short amount of time have to be understandable and to be used in practice.

And after half way (6 weeks) I can say “You get used to it”…

Yes…your to-do…

As I started my course on Udemy called JavaScript: Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass, I am going to share the ideas that I learn from this course, and the first one as introduction would be how to solve problems…

It is explained in 5 short steps, but they are very…

One of the reason to start using Git and GitHub is the opportunity to collaborate for building projects together with your team.

And I would like to show how you can start doing it!

First option is to invite a collaborator to your project:

  1. Go to your repository
  2. Press Settings…

I already had one article about Git Bash and how to use it to show your work done, but today was my first day at coding boot camp and I learned much more and I would be happy to share it with you.

Let’s start with the meaning of Git…

Fundamentals — that is what important, that’s why I decided to provide you with the most common HTML tags


<html></html> — entire HTML document

<head></head> — prologue of your page, not visible on the page

<title></title> —the name of your page tab.

<meta charset=”utf-8"> — provide information to…

Everyone asks himself a question: what is all this information in the head tag of the html document in the beginning? Let’s try to understand!

What is the head tag?

The head tag contain information about document — metadata(data that describes other data). …

Recently I found the best example of explaining what an API is, and I would be happy to share it!

When you order your food in the restaurant with the waiter. What is happening? API, that’s what!

After the waiter took the order, he talks to the cook (other services and databases) to prepare your order. Finally, the cook gives the order to the waiter and he delivers it to your table.

Walla! I hope it will help you to understand API!

Since I decided to join coding boot camp, in my mind came idea that practicing typing would be valuable for me.

wpm — words per minute

Therefore, I found on the Internet the website that would help with this:

Catch 8 more keyboard shortcuts I use regularly to increase my convenience:

CTRL + A Select all code or text.

CTRL + F Search a word on the page or in code editor.

CTRL + W Close the window.

ALT + TAB Switch between tabs.

CTRL + TAB Alternative to ALT + TAB.

SHIFT + ALT + ARROW(UP OR DOWN) Paste the selected text up or down.

CTRL + BACKSPACE Delete a word.

CTRL + / Comment out in code editor.

Keep learning and enjoy programming!

In the early stage of my programming learning I did not use keyboard shortcuts a lot, but to increase my productivity and convenience I decided to use them as much as I need.

Here I would like to share my most used keyboard shortcuts I use both on the Internet and in code editor:

CTRL + C Copy selected or highlighted item (e.g. text, images and so on).

CTRL + V Pastes the copied item or text.

CTRL + Z Cancel the last action.

CTRL + X Cuts the selected item or text.

CTRL + L Selects all in the current line.

CTRL + R Refreshes the page in an Internet browser.

CTRL + S Save changes to a file.

I would recommend everyone to start doing the same as it just helps you in your programming journey!

Dmitrijs Paklons


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